Helmet Sizing, Fitment and SPS Industry Leading Exchange Policy

What size helmet do you need? 
NOTE:  These measurements are not exact.  Heads are 3d and so are the insides of helmets.  You MUST try on your helmet to make sure it fits properly.  It should be fairly snug (it will break in and loosen up a little) but not have any "points" hurting your head nor be painful.   We best describe a properly tight helmet as having a wet blanket type of feel on your head.

If the helmet you order does not fit properly, contact us right away!

SPS offers an industry leading hassle free exchange policy on fitted items.   If it doesn't fit, contact us and we will send you a no charge return label AND send out a different sized helmet right away for no additional charge.   If we need to change brands, you only pay (or get credit) for the price difference.   

Ground shipping only, if you need overnight, you have to cover that. 

How to measure:

First, measure the circumference of your head at this location
Helmet Measuring
Then use one of these charts:

G-Force Brand Racing Helmets Sizing Guide

gforce helmet sizing

RaceQuip Brand Racing Helmets Sizing Guide

Bell Racing Helmets Sizing Guide

Pyrotect Racing Helmet Sizing Guide