Solotime Reusable Vinyl Number and Letter Instructions

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SOLOTIME Reusable Vinyl Numbers have been used successfully on hundreds of cars since 1994.  The special low tack adhesive provides the best solution to reusable vinyl graphics and does not stick as aggressively as regular decals or permanent vinyl.  However, we cannot guarantee that the Reusable Vinyl Numbers will not lift your car’s paint or leave adhesive when being removed

Do not adhere any stick on number or decal to your car if you question its paint condition.


INSTALLATION:  For best results apply to a clean, cool, waxed surface. 

Mark the back side of the paper backing so that you will not accidentally stick the number to the wrong side when you are storing them.  Wipe off any fine dust from the car’s surface just before applying.  Position one edge first.  Press the number on, working from one edge to the other forcing out the air.  Save your paper backing.

The adhesive surface will eventually accumulate some dust and dirt.  This will not affect the clinging power until the number becomes very dirty.  If the numbers adhere too tightly, stick them to a T-shirt or a pair of jeans.  They will pick up a small amount of cloth lint which will reduce their cling.

CHANGING NUMBERS FOR A TWO DRIVER CAR:  Stick on numbers do not lend themselves very well to quick number changes for two driver cars.  If you need to change numbers during competition, try these hints:

Carry a water damp cloth to wipe off dust when removing/installing the numbers.  Place them on their paper packing or on another clean part of the car when not in use.

Try not removing the numbers, but blocking out the unused numbers with black electrical tape.  A number like 1 5 6 can become 1 5 6. A number like 2 3 8 can become 2 3 8.

REMOVAL: Wipe the number/car off with a damp cloth to remove any fine dust or dirt.  With clean hands, pick one corner lose then slowly peel the number off.  The number is easiest to remove when warm.  Large panel numbers or graphics may require two people to apply and remove.  If necessary warm it up with a hair dryer.  (See Warning Below).  Stick the numbers on the slick side of the paper backing (the side without your mark).

CLEANING INSTRUCTIONS:  Clean the numbers while they are on the car.  Wash with a mild detergent such as dish washing detergent.  For stubborn stains, use paint thinner (mineral spirits).  Do not use lacquer thinner.  When the numbers have dried, remove and return them to their paper backing.  The numbers will stay clean longer if you wax them once when new.



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