Solotime Static Cling Number and Letter Instructions

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SOLOTIME™ STATIC CLING NUMBERS, LETTERS and DECALS can be used on any painted surface. These include fiberglass, plastic, steel and aluminum. They will also cling to glass.

You must thoroughly clean the mounting surface before applying the STATIC CLING products.

The numbers, letters or decals must also be free of dirt or dust.

Just before applying the products, remove any traces of dust with a damp cloth. Water in a spray bottle comes in handy for this. It is very important for the mounting surface to be clean.


  • Peel the static item from its paper backing. Do not discard the backing.
  • Place one edge of the item against the surface and smooth down firmly.
  • Smooth on from one edge to the other working out any air bubbles.
  • Using a soft cloth, firmly press the number against the surface.


  • Follow the instructions for dry mounting, except spray the mounting surface with water first. This mounting method makes it easier to remove air bubbles from under the static item.

IMPORTANT NOTE: allow the number, letter, etc. to dry in the shade before driving the car. If it dries in the direct sun light, the moisture under the number will become very hot. This may cause a hazy print on the paint surface. Consider using wet mounting the night before.

If the edges of the number come loose, you will need to remount the number. Remove the number and clean both the number and the mounting surface and remount. If you mount the number when it is cool, it may expand when warm and cause the edges to come loose. Simply remount.

Normally once you have the number mounted well it will stay on for days or weeks without any problems.

The longer STATIC CLING numbers are on the car, the better they cling.


  • To remove the numbers, letters or decals, just peel off.
  • Clean them with water and dry them completely with a soft cloth and place them on the paper backing.
  • Because of the materials used, STATIC CLING decals are very sensitive to how you store them. You must store them on the paper backing.
  • Do not let Xerox prints (like these instructions) come in contact with the static item or the slick side of the paper backing.
  • The print will transfer to them.

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